We Turn Words Into Leads

Content That Delivers

Purple Chia is content marketing agency that works with startups and established businesses to strategize, plan and deliver SEO-focused content that brings your business genuine leads. Words on the page will only get you so far. We don’t just write high-quality, compelling copy for your website and marketing materials, but we go the extra mile, collaborating with your sales, customer service and C-suite to dive deep into your prospect’s and customer’s needs and craft content that gives them the information they need and positions your company as the solution to their problems. 

“Purple Chia are my partners, an extension of VF marketing. 

They do not act as traditional contractors.” 

Abi Solomon, VP Marketing Visual Factories

Are We A Match?

We work with startups at all stages of their journey, from the just-born and still-wet-behind-the-ears to the mature monolith plodding a steady path to world domination. Whether you are an Agtech, Medtech, Fintech or other – we understand your world and can help you get your message across. If you want people to find out about you, you need content and not just any old content – your words better sing! You wouldn’t build your own house or fix your own car (well most wouldn’t…or shouldn’t!) – you’d take it to an expert. We’re those experts and we’re ready to help.

Do you (sort of) know what content you need but don’t have the time to execute? Yep, you’re like the majority of flourishing businesses. Don’t sweat it! Throw us your hastily-scribbled notes and your half-formed ideas and we’ll transform them into content that gets you where you need to go.   

Lead Magnets and ebooks to sky rocket your list

Populate your blog with meaningful content

Email sequences that keep your prospects keen

Irresistible Pitch Decks and Sales Decks.

Web copy that draws in your customers


“Wow…you totally delivered. It’s as if you had been working with us for years.”

Sarah Paz, VP Marketing Skale Fintech Solutions

Why Purple Chia?

In Christopher McDougall’s, “Born to Run”, he tells of an ancient tribe of super-runners who fuel their 48-hour (plus), non-stop running escapades on – you guessed it, a drink comprised of chia seeds. Though tiny and seemingly insignificant, the chia seed houses a stock of mighty nutrients capable of fueling extreme growth. Kind of like what happens to your business, when you start working with us.

What about the “purple” you might ask? Well, we look good in purple!

Seriously, a readily-forgettable brand name is worthless. Let’s see if our brand sticks in your head…(p.s. We can also help you with your own sticky names, titles and more)

Your ideas + our words world domination (so, we exaggerated!)

Give us your seeds and we will make them grow