Your Partners In Content

We’ll be Your Writers on Tap

Every business needs content. Content is how you show your worth, communicate the benefits of your offering, and win customers and loyalty. Banner ads and in-your-face marketing have their place for sure, but most companies these days also need quality lead-magnets, thought leadership pieces, and high-level, benefit-driven content for their inbound marketing funnels.

The problem is good content doesn’t just magically appear. It takes thought, planning, research, and skill to write content worthy of your brand. It also takes time – something which, as a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketing manager in a startup, you probably don’t have very much of. Even if you are lucky enough to employ an in-house content team, you know how quickly their hours get swallowed up.

When you hire Purple Chia, you’ll have a team of savvy, intelligent, creative, and professional writers on tap. We’ll work alongside you as partners to strategize, plan, and create content that gets the results you seek. In fact, we integrate so well with your team that most of our clients forget we’re not on the payroll!

“Purple Chia becomes part of the company. They always go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is very happy.”

Simon Gerstler, VP Sales

Who is Behind Purple Chia? 

So, you want to see the faces behind the name? Well, here we are….Debbie and Emily.

We were once two bookish, extroverted-introverts, living largely uneventful lives in England and the USA (respectively). Our most exciting adventures revolved around the copious amount of books we bought and consumed from Amazon! We might never have met had we not (families in tow) left our home countries to pursue the dream of living in Israel. And here we met, two gals with a passion for words and a burning desire to use our communicative flair to make a difference in the world. One fateful day, while we were walking our dogs, we actualized our ambitions and Purple Chia was born.

The startup scene in Israel has knocked our socks off! We love being surrounded by so much talent, innovation, drive, and guts. Yet while many business-leaders are brimming with ideas and superlative vision, the gift of communication eludes them meaning that valuable innovations get lost. That’s why we offer ourselves joyfully as the mouthpieces (and keyboards) for all these amazing businesses that need our linguistic talents.

Tell us about your business and we will tell your story to investors, customers and clients. Our talents will turn your thoughts and ideas into web content, blogs, ebooks, sales emails and more.

Emily Kirschenbaum (right) has an MBA from Bar-Ilan University, a successful track-record in fundraising and a keen business mind. She brings a wealth of business acumen and deep insight  to every project and will make sure your words are on point and help you achieve your business aims. (Oh, she’s the American one)

Debbie Friedman (left) has a MA in Literature and a background in IT consulting. She offers a rare combination of linguistic talent  alongside a deep understanding of technology and its place in a changing world. She’ll bring your business story to life no matter how “boring” it is. (Oh, and she’s the Brit.)