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Purple Chia Process & Packages

What is Purple Chia?

Purple Chia is a content marketing agency working with startups and established businesses to strategize, plan, and deliver SEO-focused content that brings genuine leads. We also follow up on all the content we create. That means we look at the backend and track analytics and metrics to ensure that your content is bringing you results. If not, we tweak it, of course!

If you’re asking about the name itself – “Purple Chia,” you can read more about that here.

Who are Purple Chia’s writers?

We’re a selective bunch. Our writers are professionals with either a technology, business, or writing background. We have experience writing high-level content that delivers results for our clients – B2Bs, startups, and growing businesses in various fields. Our strength lies in the preliminary research, SEO groundwork and preparation we do before we even start writing and in our commitment to using metrics to keep reiterating the content so that it’s always performing maximally for our clients. 

You can read more about our team here.

How do you work?

We have tailor-made a variety of content packages that reflect the primary needs of most of our clients. This includes a series of blogging services, web content creation, and a menu of extras. 


Learn more about our packages here.


If you don’t find exactly what you need, reach out to us anyway and we can discuss creating a package that’s suited to your needs.


Once you choose to work with us, we have a tried-and-tested process that begins with a deep dive into your company and ends with top-quality content. Along the way, we provide full transparency and work collaboratively in Google Docs so that you can always see progress and add comments as we work. We are highly responsive and you can consider us as part of your team!

How do you measure the ROI impact of the content you produce?

The mark of an excellent content marketing agency is one that not only delivers top-quality content but also ensures that the content performs as it should and brings in a steady flow of relevant leads. Measuring the ROI of content can be tricky because the goalposts are different for each type of content and stage of the funnel you’re targeting.

At Purple Chia, we measure ROI in different ways depending on the type of content we’re looking at and the stage of the funnel it’s intended for. 

You can learn more about how we measure ROI here.

What does a full content strategy include?

A content strategy is a plan that details what content you need to create in order to achieve a certain objective. If you’re targeting prospects in the awareness phase, for example, you may plan to write content that educates and informs this audience and shows them how your product addresses their issues. A content strategy will list your objectives and the content pieces you need to write in order to achieve them and should include a content calendar that details when each piece will be produced. A good content strategy is based on detailed audience and competitor research backed up by excellent SEO planning and keyword research. 


Read more about how we plan and strategize content in our services section on the website. 

Do you also do content marketing, as well as content writing and strategy?

In a nutshell, yes! Content marketing is a term used to describe a marketing strategy in which online content (blogs, videos, social media posts, etc.) is used to attract, engage, and retain a certain audience. All the content we write for our clients is with one or all of these business goals in mind, i.e., to promote brand awareness, position your business as a solution to your target’s problems, grow interest and enthusiasm around your products and services, and attract leads and sales. Aside from writing the content, we also track it to ensure it performs as expected. As you can now appreciate, content writing is part of what we do at Purple Chia, but our entire service is actually a content marketing service. 

Do you include SEO services as part of your packages?

Yes. SEO means search engine optimization. Search engines are important for startups as they are the portals through which people search for information when looking for a solution to their problem or issue. Content that has been written and optimized for search engines will have a high chance of ranking for the keywords that your target audience are searching for. Over time, well thought-out, high-quality SEO-optimized content will bring you a healthy stream of qualified leads even while you sleep. 


As one of our primary goals is to write content that ranks in search engines, we perform a good deal of preliminary SEO-based and keyword research before we start writing for you. All this informs topic selection and content strategy and helps us ensure that your content will be seen by those you want to see it. 

What packages do you offer?

We offer an assortment of packages ranging from blogs to web content and more. To learn about our packages, click here.


If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can discuss your needs and tailor-make a package for you. 

Do you include revisions in your price?

Yes, revisions are included. Professional business content writing is a process. When we work with new clients, it can take a couple of tries before we nail the voice and tone the client seeks. Even with our regular clients, situations arise where content needs to be tweaked and reiterated until it is perfect. 


At Purple Chia, we don’t sweat the small stuff. Once you’re our client, we’re at your service and won’t complain (or charge you extra) if you want another tweak or revision. Within reason, of course – a mid-project about-turn requiring a complete change in scope or content for a project does not count as a revision. 

 “Working with Purple Chia was an amazing experience, they are helpful, professional and fast-working.”

 Doris Pitilon, Covid-19 Sprint

Who do you report to?

It really depends on how your business is structured and what you need.  In an early stage or smaller company, we might work directly with the Founder or CEO. If you have a marketing department, we would probably work closely with the VP of Marketing and the marketing team supporting their activities. 


Ultimately, it is up to you how we work and who we report to.

How long does it take?

The amount of time a content marketing project takes depends on the scope and details of the assignment. We work with you to develop a timeline that takes into account your needs as well as our time. In very broad terms, a blog post can take around a week, while web content for a full site can be a months-long project. 

How is my content delivered?

All written texts are delivered to you in Google Docs unless you specifically request otherwise. We also share our Google Docs with you as we work so you can be involved in the work in progress and share your feedback and comments as we proceed.

How much does it cost?

You can find out more about our pricing plans here.


For a more detailed quote, contact us.

What kinds of companies do you work with?

Our clients are startups, tech businesses, and established companies across multiple verticals, including finance, agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, cyber security, and more. Our clients are based in Israel, the USA, the UK, and Europe, among other places. 


If you’re interested in getting more qualified leads, increasing your authority, boosting sales, or some other goal, we’ll work with you to get there. 

How can you write for us if you don’t know our company?

Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to be an ecologist to write for an agritech startup or an economist to write for a finance company – talented writers can communicate well about anything! However, you do need a good grasp of the subject matter in order to be able to promote businesses and sell with words. 

That’s why part of our onboarding process involves a detailed fact-finding and research phase. Fortunately, that process is often shortened due to the collective expertise of our writers. With decades of experience writing content for various industries and business sectors – including finance, medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, AI, cybersecurity, and more – our writers have amassed a bank of industry knowledge.  If we encounter a subject we are less familiar with, we put in the hours and the research to get up to speed.

Isn’t it cheaper to use in-house writers?

Honestly, it can be. We aren’t out to convince you to hire us if it makes no sense. If you have a steady stream of small jobs that need doing (like Facebook ads, regular short blogs, and lots of emails) and you have the budget to hire an in-house writer, then that might be the way to go for you. 


If you want serious results, however, i.e., more followers, more leads, and more sales, you’ll need high-quality, 100% original and SEO-optimized content. For this, you need an experienced agency that can perform the necessary research, produce content of the quality required, and follow up on it to ensure it’s getting you the results you need.

If this is you, book a call now, and let’s talk.

How much supervision do you need?

Very little – we do the work, and you get complete peace of mind! Once we’ve discussed strategy, done our research, and agreed on the content outline/ calendar, we will start working on the writing independently. If we have any questions along the way, we’ll let you know. 

Can you maintain our social media channels?

We offer social media content development and writing with some of our packages, and this service can also be selected as an add-on to our blogging packages. While we focus on social media writing, strategy, and topic development, we do not do the actual management of the accounts. If you need full social media management, we can work with one of our select partners to meet your needs. 

Can you build an audience for us (on social media and/or email lists)?

In short, no. While we can develop a social media strategy and write social media posts for you, we do not do the day-to-day management required to build an audience. 

“They are creative and have fantastic ideas …They track the latest trends, know what works and make sure your work is relevant and future-fit.”

Andi Saitowitz – Global Personal Development Strategist & Professional Life Coach

Content Questions

Everyone is talking about content these days - do I really need it?

Content is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to raise awareness about your products and services and start growing a pipeline of qualified leads for your business. Good content shows how you address the problems experienced by your target audience and how your solution compares to other similar products or services they may be considering. 


Publishing useful content is a great way to educate your audience and inspire them to take specific actions – such as booking a demo, signing up for your newsletter, or committing to learn more about your company. While paid advertising can also bring you leads, the costs tend to escalate rapidly. Organic lead generation through content marketing is a slow burn where the effort put in pays off over time. 


When done effectively, content marketing can bring you genuine leads from potential customers with a high buying intent.

I don’t know exactly what I need. Can you still help?

You may know you need content, but be uncertain what kind of content will have the most impact. Or, you might be unsure about what to do with your content once it’s written. Fortunately, we have decades of  B2B content marketing experience and can guide you.


Book a free discovery call with us, and let us give you some clarity.

I have a small digital business. Is content an area worth investing in for me?

As Bill Gates said, “Content is king!” No matter what kind of business you operate, you need content to raise awareness about your products and services and start growing a pipeline of qualified leads. Growing an audience organically through targeted content is also more cost-effective and can give more meaningful results than using paid advertising. 

Talk to us about your needs, and let’s make a plan!

What kinds of businesses do you create content for?

Our clients are startups, tech businesses, B2Bs, and established companies across multiple verticals, including finance, agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, cyber security, and more. Our clients are based in Israel, the USA, the UK, and Europe, among other places. 

Is content writing & copywriting the same?

No. Here is the difference:


  • Content writing focuses on long-form content, like articles and blogs. The goal of these forms of content is to educate, inspire, inform, and establish the person/ company sharing the content as an expert/ authority. 


  • Copywriting focuses on short-form copy, such as slogans or social media ads. Copywriting finds its place on websites, in sales pages, one-pagers, social media, ads, and email copy.  Copywriting content needs to be brief and catchy to engage readers and capture attention quickly.

Both are important for growing an online audience and many content marketing projects involve the use of both skill sets. Fortunately, at Purple Chia, we’ve got both skill sets. 

What kind of content do you write?

At our core, we are long-form content experts and focus on blogs and ebooks. We are committed to these formats as they are the ones most likely to bring you results when doing a mid to long-term content marketing campaign. 


Having said that, many other content formats can be valuable adjuncts to your long-form content when trying to build up an audience and bring in leads. 


For that reason, we also offer the following:


  • Website content
  • Video scripts
  • Social media 
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Sales brochures
  • One-pagers
  • Ebooks
  • Bank of hours for ad-hoc items


Read more about our services here.

Do you do the research as well?

Being a tad on the nerdy side, we love getting elbow-deep in all kinds of research. Having worked with B2Bs, startups, and growing companies in a variety of fields, we have already amassed impressive knowledge about burgeoning fields such as med-tech, manufacturing, agritech, fintech, and more. We are always excited to become acquainted with a new field and will put in the time and effort to get up to speed with new topics. So, even if we haven’t worked in your field before, feel free to reach out

Do you use AI to help with the content you write?

We do not use any AI-based tools (like Chat-GPT) to do any writing. Our writers are skilled professionals who do not need AI to help them write high-level, effective content and copy. Another reason we completely avoid AI writing tools is that in the early days of AI-generating tools, search engines like Google were demoting content they deemed to be written by AI. This means that the effect of your content would be negated if it had been written using AI.


However, the AI scene is moving fast, with many believing that AI will become an important tool for content writers, helping them reduce the time it takes to perform heavy tasks such as research, product comparisons, and even generating topic ideas, titles, and taglines. 


While we don’t use any AI for now, we are keeping an eye on the latest developments and will let you know if we ever find a place for it in our services.

Is the content you produce for me original?

All our content is 100% original, written by humans, and not by AI! We run our content through AI and plagiarism checkers before sharing it with you, just to be sure.

Who owns the copyright to content you produce for me?

Once we hand it over and you approve it, all the content we share belongs to you. You own the copyright and have full rights to use the content as you see fit. We reserve the right to use content that we’ve written as samples when needed. 

Can you do the design as well?

Our area of expertise is content marketing, and we are not designers. If you have your own designers, we are happy to collaborate with them on any project. This can be especially important for websites, where design and text must go hand-in-hand for optimum results. 


For other projects, we are happy to suggest quality designers that we have worked with in the past and will gladly collaborate with them to ensure that text and design work together as needed. 

We only need a few small writing jobs done, is it still worth working with you?

It can take time to see the results of your content – especially when you are trying to grow leads and followers organically without using paid advertising. For this reason, we recommend a minimum of a 3-month commitment for our regular PRO Blogger service and 6 months for our SEO Blogger service.


We don’t work with new clients on small jobs, like writing an email or editing a text. For this, we recommend using in-house writers or another agency. If you are an existing client, you can purchase a bank of hours to use on any small jobs you may need, and we will be happy to assist you. 

Can’t I just write my own content?

If you have the skills, time, and enthusiasm to write your own content we won’t try to stop you. Purple Chia is a professional content marketing agency that has mastered the skills and techniques needed to grow an online audience and bring in qualified leads using content. 


If this is what you need, talk to us.

Can I see sample content you’ve written?

Samples are available on request. Much of our content is ghostwritten and does not feature our name, but we are happy to share links with you so that you can get a sense of how we write.