Your Questions Answered

What kind of content do you write?
Purple Chia specializes in long-form, in-depth content such as ebooks, articles, blogs, and print books of a more substantial nature (so if you just want some page-filling fluff, we are not your best option). We are also copywriting supremos so all those email sequences, catchy titles, slogans, and crowd-drawing web content are our game too.
Do you do the research as well?

Being just a tad on the nerdy side, we love getting elbow-deep in all kinds of research. Having hung around Israeli startups for a number of years, we have already amassed impressive knowledge about burgeoning fields such as med-tech, manufacturing, agritech, fintech, and more. We also have a few health startups, life-coaches, and other service providers in our mix. Oh, and we are always more than happy to become acquainted with a new field. Of course, if you’ve already done the research but need help turning it into valuable content, you can hand your notes over to us and we can take it from there.

How long does it take?

How long is a piece of string? We are a team of two (and sometimes we bring in others if the job requires it) so we work fast and efficiently making maximum use of our resources. Having said that, timing does depend a lot on the type of project. A book takes longer to write than an article. A blog post with little research can be delivered in a day. Compelling web content can take longer because we have to get to know you before we can do a fantastic job.

Talk to us about your project and we’ll let you know upfront how long we need.

How much does it cost?

At Purple Chia, we love to please our clients – it’s probably our number one priority. Years of experience have shown us that not all clients like the same thing. Kind of like when you ride a cab, some like to put it on the meter, while others prefer to set a price at the beginning and know exactly what to expect. Our pricing packages are the same. We made sure we have a plan to suit every taste.

You can find out more about our pricing plans here.

What kinds of companies do you work with?

From established companies to newbie startups, one-man shows to massive conglomerates, we work with all of them. Our focus is growth (hence the Chia imagery). Whether you are already established but need to grow further or into a new area, or you are starting a brand new company and need to establish a reputation from scratch, we can help you grow your influence with our words. 

How can you write for us if you don’t know our company?

We can’t! Step one will always be to find out as much as we can about your company, your goals for the content, and your target audience. This also includes scouting out the competition to see who you are up against. It’s so easy to overlook this step in your eagerness to tell everyone how wonderful your company is, but getting deep into the mindset of your prospective customers and clients, is where the magic happens. When you are very clear about who you are writing to and why, your content will be irresistible. Of course, we will take you through all these steps helping you create crowd-pulling content you will be really proud of. While we may not be on your company’s payroll, we will become honorary members of your team.

Isn’t it cheaper to use in-house writers?

Honestly, it can be. We are not out to convince you to hire us if it makes no sense. If you have a steady stream of small jobs that need doing (like Facebook ads, regular short blogs, and lots of emails) and you have the budget to hire an in-house writer, then that might be the way to go for you. 

If however, you need high quality, in-depth content to use as a lead magnet or to fill your blog, or want to guest post in an industry publication – the kind of stuff that takes hours of research and needs to be top quality – you may be better off handing over the job to people who know what they are doing – ie. us! 
To read more about the pros and cons of using in-house vs. outsourced writers read our blog post, “Why the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes.”

 “Working with Purple Chia was an amazing experience, they are helpful, professional and fast-working.”

 Doris Pitilon, Covid-19 Sprint

I don’t know exactly what I need, can you still help?

You may know you need content but be uncertain what kind of content will have the most impact. You might also be unsure what to do with your content once it’s written. Fortunately, one of our favorite things to do is help you work this out. It all starts with you and your goals. Working backward from the end result you hope to achieve, we will help plan a content strategy that takes your company where it needs to go.

It doesn’t matter whether you started off knowing what you needed or not. By the time you’ve had a strategy call with us, you will feel much clearer on your next steps. If you are feeling extra tentative, ask us about our one-off strategy sessions with no obligation to purchase content writing services from us (if you do choose to have us write your content, part of the cost of the strategy session can be applied towards our first project together).

We only need a few small writing jobs done, is it still worth working with you?

We’d be happy to help with your writing project no matter how big or small. If you have lots of small jobs, however, it might be best to “pay by the meter” so you can have us “on tap.”  Just pay for a chunk of hours upfront and then you can call on us anytime you need and we will keep track of how much time you used up. You can read about our different pricing plans over on our pricing page.

I know everyone is talking about content these days, but do I really need it?

When was the last time you scanned the print ads in a newspaper (or even read a newspaper) – exactly, who does that any more? Today’s consumers are much less responsive to traditional-style ads and most don’t even buy physical publications. If you wanted someone to find you today, your best bet would be online – through a Facebook or Google ad that brought them to your website, or through interesting and inspiring content that gets read, shared, and liked by many people. Your average modern-day client doesn’t like to be “sold to” all the time – they want something that’s helpful to them and that’s where content comes in.

Great content inspires, informs, and answers questions that keep your target audience up at night. The more you create that kind of content, the more people will want to follow you, learn about you, and ultimately pay for your products or services. You can read more about how this works in our blog post, “How to talk so Your Customers will Listen.”  

Can’t I just write my own content?

Yes. And you can cut your own hair, install your own sink, and fix your own car. Some people are great at all the above and some people are great writers. So if that describes you then go ahead and write your own content. The thing is, many people are hugely talented in multiple areas but they are not writers. Or they are good writers but they don’t know how to do marketing writing (i.e. writing that helps you sell yourself). Others could gladly write their own content if only they had the time. Purple Chia is here to help those who have neither time, skill nor inclination to do it themselves. 

Some of our clients already have an in-house writing team but still, outsourcing certain writing projects makes sense to them. Say you wanted to write a book or embark upon some other special writing project that’s outside of your usual output. You don’t want to tie up your regular writers or maybe they don’t have quite the right skills. Calling in a freelancer (that doesn’t have to be added to the payroll) can be more economical in such cases. 

Whatever your ideas, however fantastical or grand, we are happy to discuss them with you and help you flesh them out into a content plan.

How much supervision do you need?

Very little. Once we’ve discussed strategy and fleshed out the details of the project we will get on with our research and start working on the writing. If we have any questions along the way, we’ll let you know. If you want a regular progress report, we can do that too. 

How do you work?

One of the things that’s special about Purple Chia is that we go above and beyond to make ourselves available to our clients (as some of our testimonials confirm). As part of our package, we will create a WhatsApp group with you, so you can ask quick questions and get a fast response whenever something pops into your head. 

We are also transparent. We work in googledocs and add you to our open documents so you can see our process and add comments or ask questions as we go along. In our experience, this is the tidiest, fastest, and most efficient way to get the job done while keeping everyone in the loop.

“They are creative and have fantastic ideas …They track the latest trends, know what works and make sure your work is relevant and future-fit.”

Andi Saitowitz – Global Personal Development Strategist & Professional Life Coach

Do you include revisions in your price?

With every project, there is always a certain amount of fine-tuning that takes place. Once we’ve handed you the first draft and you see the words in black and white, you may realize that you have something else to add or that you wanted to express something in a slightly different way. We expect and anticipate these small changes that’s why we have weaved up to three revisions into our price. This does not include a mid-way, complete about-turn to the scope or content of a project (which will be priced fairly) but does cover all reasonable tweaks and adjustments. 

Who do you report to?

Content writing is closely allied with marketing so if you have a marketing department, we would most likely work with the VP Marketing and the marketing team as an adjunct and support to their activities. In smaller companies or those that have just started out, we might work directly with the founder or CEO. 

Can you do the design as well?

No. We only provide the text for your projects, however, we can collaborate with your designer to ensure a seamless marriage between word and design. If you don’t have a designer in mind, we can suggest ones that we have successfully collaborated with in the past.

Can you maintain our social media channels?

While we can provide the text for any social media posts you require – including LinkedIn posts, Facebook posts, and the script for your FB ads, we don’t do the actual posting nor track the metrics for you. For this, you would need to work with a  designated social media expert. 

Can you build an audience for us (on social media and/or email lists)?

Our specialty is content, particularly long-form content. We love writing the ebooks for you to use as lead magnets to grow your business. We can provide text for social media posts, landing pages, and email sequences to go along with the other content that you can use to grow your audience. Basically, we can give you the “what” you want to say, but we cannot provide the “who” you are going to say it to. Lead generation and list-building is a separate field from content marketing, and we leave that to the experts in that area.