How Much Will It Cost?

Pricing Models to Suit Everyone

At Purple Chia, we love to please our clients – it’s probably our number one priority. Years of experience have shown us that not all clients like the same thing. Kind of like when you ride a cab, some like to put it on the meter, while others prefer to set a price at the beginning and know exactly what to expect. Our pricing packages are the same. We made sure we have a plan to suit every taste.

“What they do not know or cannot research, they ask the right questions in order to get the answer.”

Abi Solomon, VP Marketing Visual Factories

Put it on the meter

Some projects are not finite. You want a wordsmith on tap for those moments when you need to fire off an email, dream up a catchy slogan, or write a couple of blog posts. It has to be someone who knows you and your company already so you don’t have to go through the whole spiel each time you need something. If you know you’ll need things written on an ad hoc basis where it makes sense to pay the meter, we will give you an hourly rate. You call us whenever you need and we track every minute used so you can see how much bang you get for each buck!

It's a wrap

You need a new website? Ten blogs a month? A bunch of email sequences? You want to know the cost upfront so you can budget. Talk to us and we will give you a rock-solid project price (which we won’t change even if the project overruns a little).

Pay as you go

It’s a big project that will span months. Or it’s ongoing. You don’t want to pay upfront or by the meter. No problem, we’ll make a payment schedule that suits your budgetary and time requirements.