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What do we do?

Increase relevant traffic and leads
Purple Chia researches, strategizes, writes, implements and optimizes content for your website and other online channels that bring your business a healthy flow of genuinely qualified leads

If you’re going to invest in content, you want to see a healthy ROI. Many content agencies focus on increasing traffic, but if that traffic isn’t relevant and the people you’re attracting are not genuinely interested in what you have to offer, you’re simply wasting your money.

That’s where Purple Chia differs. 

How we do it

Our unique 4-step process – developed through working with hundreds of B2B, tech, startup and other businesses over the years – ensures that your website and online presence get you relevant traffic and highly qualified leads that you can pass to your sales teams. 

“Working with Purple Chia exceeded all expectations… the tasks were challenging and the goals were high, but the team nailed it, and were super-fast too.”

Ran Kern, Co-Founder, Augmind


The 4-step CHIA Process…

Blog Purple Chia


We conduct in-depth research, talk to your C-suite, sales and customer service teams, and check out your competitors. 

By the end of this step, we understand your customer’s problems, framed in their own words. Based on this, we identify the kind of content and topics that are most likely to attract high-intent buyers for your products and services. 

Ghostwriting Purple Chia


This is where the content strategy starts to form. We audit your existing content to see what needs to be updated/edited and what topics are already covered. We also take our research and use it to map out highly-relevant content to target the persona/s. Keyword research and SEO tools help us ensure your content will be picked up by search engines and become visible to the right people. 

At the end of this step, we will deliver a 6-month content plan that incorporates specific content types and topics for every level of the funnel (depending on your company’s goals).


web copy purple chia


We write the content according to your plan and ensure that it is optimized for SEO. Posting/Distributing Where relevant, we will use paid ads and social media ads to ensure your content reaches the right audience and has maximum impact.  

By the end of this step, you will start seeing an increase in relevant traffic and qualified leads from your website and social media channels.  Make sure your sales team is locked and loaded and ready to respond!

Lead magnet Purple Chia


This is where we track your content and ensure it’s doing what we want it to do. We use Google Analytics and other tools to analyze your content’s reach and re-group with sales, management/ and other stakeholders to ensure the content is bringing in relevant leads.  If something isn’t working, we tweak it and launch again.

At the end of each month, you’ll receive a monthly report showing you exactly what your content is doing and how well it’s working for your business.


Types of content we offer

Increase relevant traffic and leads
    • Website content 
    • Blog posts 
    • Case studies
    • Lead magnets e.g., ebooks, white papers, and infographics (we don’t offer design) 
    • Email sequences 
    • Thought leadership items, e.g., articles for publication in industry journals, magazines and other websites
    • Sales materials, e.g., brochures,1-pagers, landing pages
    • Social media posts (not offered as standalone)