Make Yourself Irresistible!

“Inbound” Is In!

Why do you love your Mac or your Nikes or any other of your favorite brands?

“Working with Purple Chia exceeded all expectations… the tasks were challenging and the goals were high, but the team nailed it, and were super-fast too.”

Ran Kern, Co-Founder, Augmind


Sure, the product itself is of high quality or meets a particular need, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. You’re also attracted by the ethos of the company, the pride or satisfaction we feel when we wear, use, or display the product (are you an Android person or IOS? Levi’s or Calvin Klein? Coke or Pepsi?)

And how do these brands draw you in and get you to stick around? It’s no longer through the intrusive ads of yesteryear. Savvy marketers today play a more subtle, long game, slowly drip-feeding their message and values through the use of targeted, valuable content that keeps the consumer excited about their offerings. As Marcus Sheridan describes in his visionary book They Ask, You Answer, we win loyalty by “attracting (instead of chasing) customers.”

Whether you are selling a product or a service, you want to draw your customers in and keep them buzzing around asking for more. Think of content as your “pollen.” Make it interesting, helpful, informative, educational, and valuable and they’ll come swarming.

Don’t know how to do that? Well, that’s what you hire Purple Chia for.

Here’s what we offer:

Lead Magnets (e-books) – Show your prospects “a little leg” and leave them desperate for more.

Blog Posts – Forget those “Dolly the sheep” blogs everyone else is publishing, the blogs we write will make you stand out from the herd. (Baaa)

Email Sequences – Wheeeee…that’s the sound of prospects sliding merrily down your sales funnel!

‘Pitch deck or sales decks  – Think of your business as an irresistible story. Tell it right and  investors and customers will come running!

Web Content – 5.59 seconds is all you have to make a first impression. Give your guests something to make them want to stay and get to know you better.

From Tiny Seedlings, Forests Grow

Even if you don’t quite know what you need, talk to us and let’s see how we can help. We can start with a complimentary discovery call – worst-case scenario, we’ve spent 30 minutes making new friends, and best-case scenario, you’re on your way to a killer content plan!

From tiny seedlings, forests grow, so throw us your tidbits, your budding ideas, and thoughts and we’ll help them bloom into a content plan that will get your company the attention it deserves.