Content Agency for Startups

Startups are Different!

Unlike more established companies, startups must move incredibly quickly to build brand awareness, increase trust, gain market share and grow revenue.

To add to the challenge, startups often have limited resources and lack in-house expertise (such as marketing writing skills, use of analytics, and SEO) that would help them achieve their goals and make every piece of content count. 

Purple Chia, a content agency for startups, works with scores of startups to create, execute, optimize, and distribute content spanning the entire funnel from brand awareness to lead generation to conversion.

97% of the businesses say they have generated positive results from content marketing in 2023
SEMRush Survey 2023

7 Ways Our Content Will Help Your Startup Grow

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    1. Build brand awareness – make your target audience aware of what you do and how you can help them 
    2. Increase trust – make your readers view you as the experts in your niche and someone they would be comfortable partnering with 
    3. Differentiate your business – show your prospects how you are different from, and better than, competitors that your prospects are also checking out 
    4. Boost your online presence – in today’s market, if you’re not online, you don’t count! You need to appear prominently in search engines and across social media platforms. Content will get you there
    5. Use SEO principles to increase visibility  – the SEO best practices our content marketing agency for startups deploy will ensure that your message is discovered by the right people ie. those who are seeking the solutions you offer  
    6. Bring in leads at every stage of the funnel, content is the most effective way to educate, inform and/ or inspire your prospects bringing them ever closer to buying your products and services
    7. Support your sales engineaside from driving a healthy stream of qualified leads to your sales personnel, they can also use the content our content writers for startups create to assist them when doing demos, sales calls and promotions

I want to use content to grow my  startup

The Benefits of Outsourcing Startup Content

You’ve got a great product, but you’re a startup, and your future customers don’t yet know you exist.

Strong content, coupled with a killer strategy and smart use of SEO practices, will allow you to build brand awareness and attract your target audience without racking up the huge bills often incurred with paid advertising.  

BUT… hiring all that expertise in-house is usually beyond the budget and scope of most mid-late-stage startups. Outsourcing to a content agency for startups, like Purple Chia, means you get the benefit of a team that has deep expertise, subject matter knowledge, and years of experience – without committing to all those salaries. 

Startup Content Services- What’s Included:


A full review of all of your existing content broken down by content type, topic, engagement, and more.


A macro-level look at what your top 2-4 competitors are doing and how their content is performing.


A plan of the content
to be produced
each month, including topics,
keywords and distribution.


content based
on the

and Analysis

A monthly
report on
how your content is performing,
including actual metrics.

Startup Content Services
– How We Work

Choosing us as your content marketing agency for startups means investing in our tried and tested 4-step

CHIA content strategy process:


Blog Purple Chia

 Information gathering
and research

We set up meetings with relevant stakeholders to gather the information we need and understand your goals. This information is supplemented with our own research as necessary. 


Ghostwriting Purple Chia

Existing content audit and SEO planning

We pull all our research together to start formulating a content plan to support your goals, including an audit of your existing content to identify gaps as well as keyword research.


web copy purple chia

Delivering high-quality, SEO-optimized content

We write high-quality targeted content for distribution via all of your relevant channels. All drafts will be shared with you and nothing gets published until you are fully satisfied with it.


Blog Purple Chia

Follow up, tweaking and refining

We use analytics tools to understand how your content is performing and tweak it if needed. We also provide ongoing reports updating you on progress, content performance and next steps, including monthly meetings to review the reports.

Who We Work With

Why Startups Should Work with Purple Chia

Every startup is different, but in running our content marketing agency for startups over the years, we see our startup clients facing the same challenges repeatedly, and we address them all.

Need to move fast

You believe your business has potential, but most of your future customers don’t yet know you exist. If you want to get investors on board, you need to quickly prove you have a viable product and that you can grow a profitable business. One of the best ways to do that is to use content to grow awareness, build trust, and feed your sales pipeline.

Limited resources

You’re operating on a limited budget with a skeleton team who are being pulled in all directions. You need to keep costs low and spend wisely on the things you absolutely need. Outsourcing content marketing is cost-effective as you pay only for the services you need, and you are guaranteed to get expert content writers for startups with experience on the job. 

Lack of in-house expertise

Hiring separate people to handle your marketing, content, SEO, paid ad campaigns, social media, and more can quickly get out of hand. A content marketing agency that specializes in startups has all the expertise you need in-house. Tap into a rich resource of skills without the liabilities that come with in-house employers. 

Bottom line – we’ll get you the results and impact you are looking for and we will all have fun along the way!

And don’t just take it from us, listen to our satisfied customers:

“The best part of working with Purple Chia is the ‘all in’ feeling you get. Before approaching an article, they do their research, meet with relevant stakeholders in the company, and make sure they fully understand the topic. I feel totally comfortable entrusting our content to them.”

Leah Kol

Marcom Manager, Afimilk

“Their grasp of complex concepts, together with quick turnaround and quality content, makes working with Purple Chia a no-brainer.”

Simone Gampel

Senior Marketing Manager, LeapExpert

Purple Chia are my partners, an extension of VF marketing.
They do not act as traditional contractors.”

Abi Solomon

VP Marketing, Visual Factories

We Work with Israeli Startups

Israel is renowned for having the highest number of startups per capita in the world. The country also produces an exceptionally high number of unicorns relative to its size. Since Purple Chia’s inception, we have developed the skills and practices needed to best support this dynamic, talent-filled market, which operates slightly differently from many other markets: 

We get the work done fast -we understand that startups often operate on a trial-and-error basis, needing to get their website, marketing materials, and content done quickly and then make tweaks and changes later.  

We deal with change – we know that things change quickly in the startup world and are willing and prepared to reiterate, revisit, or slightly pivot your content in response to these changes.

We absorb new information quickly – Over the years, we’ve developed in-depth knowledge relating to many industries and technologies, making it easy for us to quickly get up to speed with a new company and its offerings. If we come across a subject we are less familiar with, we put in the hours and the research to get up to speed.

We adapt to clients’ needs – whether you want a hands-on approach where we act as a member of your team, or you just want us to provide the materials you need from the outside, we work in the way that best suits you. 

We don’t sweat the small stuff – we value long-term relationships with great clients, so we’re not petty about the number of revisions needed. We’re happy for you to contact us directly over WhatsApp, and we’re transparent in our work practices, sharing Google Docs and idea development as we go along.

FAQs – Your Questions Answered

Why is content important for startups?

Content is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to raise awareness about your products and services and start growing a pipeline of qualified leads for your business. Good content shows how you address the problems experienced by your target audience and how your solution compares to other similar products or services they may be considering. 

Publishing useful content is a great way to educate your audience and inspire them to take specific actions, such as book a demo, sign up for your newsletter, or commit to learn more about your company. While paid advertising can also bring you leads, the costs tend to escalate rapidly. Organic lead generation through content marketing is a slow burn where the effort put in pays off over time. When done effectively, content marketing can bring you genuine leads from potential customers with a high buying intent.

What does a content agency do?

A content agency or content marketing agency handles all aspects of content marketing for your business. This is especially useful for early to mid-stage startups that do not yet have an in-house content or marketing department. A content agency will work with your team to devise an effective content strategy based on where your business is at and what your goals are. The agency’s team will then write, promote and track the necessary content in order to ensure that it is performing as expected and to make any changes if needed.

How do content marketers help startups?

Content marketers are experts in content writing and promotion and have skills that have been honed through working with many different businesses. It would take a long time to acquire these skills yourself and hiring a highly-experienced content marketer as an employee may not make sense financially. Content marketing agencies are ideal for startups that need to move fast but may not have a content team in-house or the resources to hire one. You get the advantage of being able to tap into a high level of expertise as and when you need it. Depending on your niche, you can also choose to work with an agency on a particular goal. A content writer for social startups can aim to reach a certain number of influencers, while a writer for a new e-commerce site may work towards increasing leads from a specific group of customers. If you’re happy with the results of this campaign, you can always expand later to another audience.

What should I look for in a content agency?

You should choose a content agency that has experience working with businesses similar to your own or in the same sector. Speak to the team or visit their website to find out how they work and what is included in their content marketing package. An agency that can clearly articulate how they work and what they offer is likely to be experienced and efficient. A good agency will always be open to having an introductory call with you where they answer any questions you may have and help you determine if this is the right service for you without being pushy or salesy.

Why hire a content agency?

As a startup, you’re growing rapidly and you probably only have a small team where each member is trying to do multiple jobs at once. The best way to grow without burnout is to tap into the talent you need without taking on the risk and responsibility of hiring full-time employees. Working with a good content marketing agency for startups will bring you peace of mind as you can hand over the responsibility for your content to experts who know how to strategize, write, and optimize the content you need to bring you the results you seek.

What is SEO content marketing?

SEO means search engine optimization. Search engines are important for startups as they are the portals through which most people search for information when they are looking for a solution to their problem or issue. Content that has been written and optimized for search engines will have a high chance of ranking for the keywords you need to rank for in order to attract your target audience. Over time, well thought-out, high-quality SEO-optimized content will bring you a healthy stream of qualified leads even while you sleep.

What is a content strategy?
A content strategy is a plan that details what content you need to create in order to achieve a certain objective. If you are targeting prospects in the awareness phase, for example, you may plan to write content that educates and informs this audience and shows them how your product addresses some of their issues. Your content strategy will list your objectives and the content pieces you need to write in order to achieve them. Your startup content marketing agency may put this into a content calendar that covers all the content you need to produce over a chunk of time. A good content strategy is based on detailed audience and competitor research backed up by excellent SEO planning and keyword research.

Ready to Power your Startup with Content?

Don’t try to do it all yourself! We know, that goes against everything a startup CEO believes, but wouldn’t it be nice to take something off your plate?