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Quality Content for High-Tech Companies

We offer content writing, marketing, and strategy for high-tech companies. When producing content for a high-tech company, you need writers with that rare combination of technical understanding and excellent communication skills – that’s us!

Our tech content marketing agency comprises a team of talented writers and content strategists who have been working with high-tech companies for years. Our writers, particularly those of us with a technical background, have the ability to grasp complex technical subjects and convert this knowledge into compelling, readable copy that helps your company build awareness and attract qualified leads to feed into your sales pipeline.

Who We Work With

Why you Need Content for your B2B Tech Company

Whether you’re a relatively young startup looking to establish brand awareness or a more mature company hoping to attract qualified leads and new customers, content is one of the most effective ways to do this.  

Content marketing is about engaging with your audience meaningfully and building trust and authority over time. While producing high-quality content involves effort and time, the results are worth it as you will build an audience of genuinely interested followers who are ready to learn more about (and purchase) your products.

Here’s How Content Marketing Helps High-Tech Companies:

Raise awareness – Your target audience may not know you exist. In order to draw the right people to your site, you need to produce a good deal of informative, SEO-optimized content that will be featured and prioritized by search engines.

Build authority and trust – Once you start building traction and your prospects know you exist, they still need a push before they are ready to sign on the dotted line. People buy from companies they trust, and trust takes time and effort to build. When you regularly put out valuable content that is helpful, informative, and answers your audience’s questions, they start to view you as an authority and a company they would feel comfortable establishing a relationship with. 

Stand out  – The internet is full of noise and everyone is producing content  – especially your competitors. To stand out, you must consider who you want to attract and what you want to say to them (that’s the strategy part). You also need to scout out what your competitors are writing and make sure that what you produce is better. That’s what Purple Chia’s tech content agency can help with!

Make your message clear to a non-technical audience – You live and breathe your product, but remember your potential buyers are unlikely to have the same in-depth knowledge as you, especially if your product is highly technical. Content marketing is a great way to talk about the benefits your solution provides in an easy way for your audience to understand. 

And don’t just take it from us, listen to our satisfied customers:

“The best part of working with Purple Chia is the ‘all in’ feeling you get. Before approaching an article, they do their research, meet with relevant stakeholders in the company, and make sure they fully understand the topic. I feel totally comfortable entrusting our content to them.”

Leah Kol

Marcom Manager, Afimilk

“Their grasp of complex concepts, together with quick turnaround and quality content, makes working with Purple Chia a no-brainer.”

Simone Gampel

Senior Marketing Manager, LeapExpert

Purple Chia are my partners, an extension of VF marketing.
They do not act as traditional contractors.”

Abi Solomon

VP Marketing, Visual Factories

High-Tech Content Strategy Services – What’s Included

As a tech B2B content marketing agency, we support you throughout the entire sales process, from attracting qualified leads to engaging your audience and, ultimately, converting them into paying customers.

With our high-tech content strategy services, you’ll get:


A full review of all of your existing content broken down by content type, topic, engagement, and more.


A macro-level look at what your top 2-4 competitors are doing and how their content is performing.


A plan of the content to be produced each month, including topics, keywords and distribution.


Ready-to-distribute content based on the shared content calendar.

and Analysis

A monthly report on how your content is performing, including actual metrics. 

High-Tech B2B Content Marketing Agency – How We Work

Working with a B2B tech content marketing agency like Purple Chia means you get the benefit of our tried and tested 4-step

CHIA content strategy process:


Blog Purple Chia

 Information gathering
and research

We set up meetings with relevant stakeholders to gather the information we need and understand your goals. This information is supplemented with our own research as necessary. 


Ghostwriting Purple Chia

Existing content audit and SEO planning

We pull all our research together to start formulating a content plan to support your goals, including an audit of your existing content to identify gaps as well as keyword research.


web copy purple chia

Delivering high-quality, SEO-optimized content

We write high-quality targeted content for distribution via all of your relevant channels. All drafts will be shared with you and nothing gets published until you are fully satisfied with it.


Blog Purple Chia

Follow up, tweaking and refining

We use analytics tools to understand how your content is performing and tweak it if needed. We also provide ongoing reports updating you on progress, content performance and next steps, including monthly meetings to review the reports.

Why High-Tech Companies Should Work with Purple Chia

Not only do we have years of experience working with B2B tech companies to produce content, but we are also fun to work with! Before you know it, we will be an indispensable part of your team, offering you the following benefits:

purple chia favicon

The nerd factor – We are giant nerds who love researching any topic – we know the good sources to go to and can easily weed out the “fake news.”

Techies on board – Technical details don’t scare us; we did say that we’re nerds!

It’s how we say it – Our clients are amazed at the way we take boring topics and make them interesting to any reader.

We get it done – Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need an expert in your specific industry to write your content – with a bit of prompting, we can write about any industry or product. We know how to ask the right questions to get the information needed.

We go with the flow – We don’t sweat the small stuff – if you want another revision or just need a few small changes, we won’t complain (or charge you extra!)

Bottom line – we’ll get you the results and impact you are looking for and we will all have fun along the way!